Balun System  
BNC-Female/RJ45-Female Balun
  BNC-Female/RJ45-Female Balun
  Dual Type BNC-Female
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G.703 Baluns are designed for panel mounting and can be supplied with a variety of coaxial connectors. Also, G.703 Balun can eliminate your cost. We offer 1.6/5.6 DIN, BT43, BNC connector for 75 ohm coaxial end and RJ45 connector. Twisted pair terminated via 3-pole KRONE IDC.

1.Data transmitted Rates:2-8 Mbps for E1(T1)/E2(T2)
2. Impedance matching:75 ohm to 120 ohm/100 ohm
3. Insertion Loss:Max. 0.2dB(2Mbps);0.3dB(8 Mbps)
4. Return Loss:-29db for 2 Mbps , -21db for 8Mbps
5. NO AC Power
6. Operating Temperature:0 to 75 degree C
7. Cross talk: better than -80dB from 0.1 to 12MHz between any 2 baluns mounted distance up to 15mm

G.703平衡/不平衡訊號轉換器是設計給面板底座並供應給多種同軸連接插頭。 另外,G.703平衡/不平衡訊號轉換器可節省你的成本,我們提供75歐姆同軸端有1.6/5.6 DIN、BT43和BNC連接插頭以及RJ45插頭。雙絞終止端是透過3PIN KRONE IDC。

1. 資料傳輸速率: 2-8Mbps for E1(T1)/E2(T2)
2. 阻抗匹配: 75歐姆到120歐姆/ 100歐姆
3. 衰減耗損: 最大0.2分貝(2Mbps); 0.3分貝(8Mbps)
4. 回波耗損: -29分貝(2Mbps); -21分貝(8Mbps)
5. 無交流電源
6. 操作溫度: 0到75度C
7. 串擾: 在任何2個訊號轉換器間距離達15mm從0.1到12M赫茲,最好大於-80分貝

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