T10 LED 側發光15晶白光 / 
									 SMD T10 LED WHITE 15P


T10 LED側發光15晶白光 / SMD T10 LED WHITE 15P 

1.Luminous primary color:White light.   PCB board is used as substrate.
2.Voltage DC12V, Current 90mA, Power 1.08W, Luminous 90 lumen.
3.LED light source: LED Lamp EPISTAR/ Front light 3020*15pcs.

1.發光原色:白光 。 基板採用PCB版 。
2.電壓:DC12V ,電流:90mA, 功率:1.08W, 流明Luminous:90流明 。
3.LED光源 LED Lamp 台灣晶電 正發光3020*15顆。
4.外觀尺寸:10mm*31mm*3mm 。

SMD LED Series Thinnest, Smallest, Strongest
The safest
SMD LED automatic spot welding, no solder joints on the back, no high temperature and no short circuit.
The brightest
All SMD LEDs from Taiwan’s NB backlight source are used, with the best color temperature, lumen and life.
The widest range
Applicable to any lamp, simple and easy to install, consistent brightness, no color difference.

SMD LED 系列    最薄、最小、最強
最安全 - SMD LED自動點焊,背面無焊點,不產生高溫不短路。
最亮 - 全部使用台灣廠之NB背光光源之SMD LED,色溫、流明、壽命最佳。
範圍最廣 - 任何燈具都適用,安裝簡單容易,亮度一致,絕無色差。

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