LANTAC's Founding Philosophy - Dedication, Persistence, Innovation
  LANTAC TECHTRONICS CO., LTD. has long been pursuing dedication, persistence and innovation as core value

The core value is originated from the human-based management concept of Mr. Gary Yao, the founder. Starting from LANTAC's business Day 1, Mr. Gary Yao is endeavoring with his business team to explore the principle of being human the top asset of a business:

In terms of internal management, Mr. Gary Yao (or his management team) deals with the subordinates and the up-and-down-stream subcontractors with humbleness as they are equally appreciative of those who devote themselves to LANTAC. Instead of showing it in any affected manner, the realistic acts of the management do make its work force and suppliers feel stimulated and eventually, the company becomes beneficiary of upgraded endeavor and assistance as payback. When it comes to dealing with customers, Mr. Gary Yao (or his management team) leads his team in honoring the belief of Customer First by sorting out ways to meet customer's demand as top priority. Mr. Gary Yao is convinced that only when he earns trust and respect of the work force, the subcontractors and the client, the company would turn sustainable while seeking improvement.

As Mr. Gary Yao pursues the ideal of sustainable business, he is enhancing the human-based business nature as feedback to the community. On this day, as we follow the founding philosophy set by Mr. Gary Yao, we are willingly to build the prospect of industrial manufacturing on a continuous basis by not practicing pricing war or seeking low-cost OEM, on the contrary, we are committed to pursuing ethics and innovation to assure that the Taiwanese-made quality excels as we explore new markets before eventually building the brand-new deep sea for electronic industry.





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