UTP Cable Tester
  UTP Cable Tester
  CE & UL
  150g (without battery)
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UTP Cable Tester

The Lan Cable Tester is consists of unshielded RJ45 568A, 568B & USOC. The tester also easy to operate, the user begins testing by connecting. The multiple LEDs showed indication.

This Lan Cable Tester is very practical tester can be easily read and correct pin configuration of cable continuity, open, short, miss wiring & no connection.
Master will be scan every pairs, the test result will be show on remote mainly, please kindly to see manual about detail.


Open / Short wiring test

Connected wires display

Easy to read cable status and verify cable continuity

Auto-on / off switch (When the Master and the Remote are combined each other, LED power light will turn off.)

‧Cable Connect: 568A to 568A, 568B to 568B, 568A to 568B (cross over) and USOC to USOC.

With remote kit it can remotely test cable far away either on wall plate or patch panel.

Note: Please do not operate the tester in live circuit because it may cause the tester damaged.

How to use : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDNx8pxkeAQ

這款網路線測試儀器主要測試無遮蔽RJ45 568A、586B以及USOC,對使用者來說它操作簡易不複雜,並以LED燈來顯示測試結果。

1. 開路/短路測試
2. 線材連接顯示
3. 可輕易瞭解線材狀況與驗證線材連續性
4. 自動開關(主機與遠端相組合起來後,電源隨即自動切斷)
5. 線材連接: 568A to 568A, 568B to 568B, 568A to 568B (cross over), USOC to USOC.
6. 帶著遠端就可遠程測試線材無論在牆上面板或是配線架


如何操作,請前往右側網址: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDNx8pxkeAQ

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