LAN Cable Tester
  LAN Cable Tester
  CE & UL
  164gs (without battery)
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The Handheld Lan Cable Tester is an intelligent continuity tester for LAN cables, Phone cable and Coaxial cable. Open, short and miss wiring are also tested. It provides the installers an ease of use which keeps you from wasting time through complex menus.
Master will be scan every pin from PIN 1 to Ground/G, the test result will be show on remote mainly, please kindly to see manual about detail.
Easy to diagnose RJ45 Lan cable, Phone cable and BNC cables with present wiring schemes.
‧Easy to read status of each wire with LED display.
Auto and manual scan pin assignment to verify cable continuity, open, short and miss-wired.
Identify and trace the other ends ID using supplied remote kit with LED.
Test for shielded and unshielded cable type.
Maximum testing cable length : 1,000 feet(The battery power is not low less than 7V).
Test pin configuration for 10/100 base-T cable, 10 base-2 cable, RJ45/RJ11 modular cable, AT&T 258A cable, EIA/TIA 568A/568B cable and Token Ring Cable, etc.
Ground wire test
Buzzer sound warning for short
Auto locked status wire function with manual reset
LED Indicator for Power ON/OFF
BNC to RL45 Adaptor lead included
RJ45 to RJ45 Adaptor lead included
Include travel pouch
‧Master Unit : L=11.8cm, W=6.4cm, H=3.2cm
Remote Unit : L=9.9cm, W=3.1cm, H=2.6cm
Note: Please do not operate the tester in live circuit because it may cause the tester damaged.


1. 可輕易診斷RJ45網路線、電話線與BNC線材的結構
2. 可輕易透過LED燈顯示讀出每一種線材狀況
3. 可自動/手動掃描的線位分配來連續性証實線材,包含開路、短路以及錯位
4. 透過另一端線材連接遠端,經由遠端的LED燈來辨識與追蹤線材
5. 可測試遮蔽(STP)線材與非遮蔽(UTP)線材
6. 最長測試線材長度: 1,000英呎(電池電力不可低於7V.)
7. 測試PIN結構線材包含10/100 base-T、10 base-2、RJ45、RJ11、AT&T 258A、EIA/TIA 568A/568B以及Token Ring…等
8. 接地線測試
9. 短路會有嗡嗡警示聲
10. 在手動模式下,可自動鎖定線材狀況的功能
11. 電力ON/OFF有LED燈顯示
12. 附加BNC對RJ45轉接頭
13. 附加RJ45對RJ45線材
14. 附加工具包


主機:L=11.8cm, W=6.4cm, H=3.2cm
遠端:L=9.9cm, W=3.1cm, H=2.6cm



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