Business Cooperation / 企業合作

Providing customized service and Welcome the business cooperation to create opportunity.



   從1990年起,昶瑞秉持『Our innovation is based on your demand』為客服目標,提供優質產品與快速確實的服務,建立客戶對昶瑞的信賴與忠誠。

    From 1990, LANTAC hold “Our innovation is based on your demand” to be the goal of customer service. Provide quality products and fast/reliable service to establish the customer trust and loyalty to LANTAC.
    LANTAC know that sustainable management based on continuous innovation and mutual trust with customers. In this way, through the service of customization goods and establish related business cooperation model to go the diversify development and create a new future with customer.


1. 客製化服務

2. 企業合作

3. 成功案例
   日本: OEM汽車改裝週邊無線控制模組/線組
   台灣: ODM生物醫療產品. 相關產品代工

1.Customization service
  According customer’s request to provide the customization service.

2.Business cooperation
  Sharing resources to create greater business opportunities.

3.Successful case
  Japan: OEM Modification automobiles wireless control module/harness.
  Taiwan: ODM Biomedical product and OEM Related product.

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